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Since 1991 Cyntec’s team of scientists and engineers have been known to lead the way in the research and development of the miniaturized and highly integrated products and solutions. The product lines consist of magnetic components, passive components, power modules, RF & optical modules which serve the client, cloud computing equipment, automotive, IOT, industry, and other market segments.

Using our insight into market trends and the in depth knowledge of electronic materials and processes, we have been able to produce a wide variety of products with the highest levels of performance, high power handling, high density packaging and tight accuracy.

Date Established: October 28, 1991
Chairman: Steven Liu
CEO: Ted Shyy
Paid in Capital : US$ 762M (NT$ 23,412M)
Head Office: 2 R&D 2nd road, Science-Based Industry Park, Hsinchu 30076, Taiwan, R.O.C
Phone: 886-3-5799829

Taiwan (Headquater)360,000 ft (32,400 )
Greater China (Cyntec Co., Limited)308,022 ft (28,600 )
Greater China (Cyntec Electronics Co., Ltd) 1,112,526 ft (103,410 )
Greater China (Cyntec Electronics (WuHu) Co., Ltd): 726,663 ft (67,471 )
Taiwan (Tainan): 299,200 ft (27,791 )

Number of Employees:
2000 (Taiwan)  11000 (Greater China)

Major Products:
1. Inductor
2. Power Module
3. Resistor & Shunt Sensor
4. Protector
5. PT Sensor




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