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DuPont Taiwan was established in the 57th year of the Republic of China (1968) with the purpose of importing and marketing DuPont products and providing technical support to customers. They initially introduced plant protection products and later expanded into electronics, chemicals, polymers, nylon fibers, and other specialty chemicals. Taiwan has become DuPont's largest investment country in Asia.

DuPont has not only had a significant impact on Taiwan's industrial development but has also assisted Taiwanese products in successfully entering the international market. With a commitment to sustainability and the local community, DuPont operates steadily and fulfills its corporate social responsibility. In recognition of its outstanding multinational operational capabilities, support for the Asia Pacific operations center project, assistance in industry upgrading, talent cultivation, and environmental conservation efforts, DuPont was awarded the prestigious "Grand Cordon of the Order of Brilliant Star" by the President in December 1999.

To align with regional integration marketing and long-term development strategies in Taiwan, DuPont has invested in the construction of three manufacturing plants: the Longtan Plant for plant protection, the Taoyuan Electronics Plant, and the Guanyin Titanium Dioxide Plant, as well as the Hsinchu Plant in the Hsinchu Science Park. The company currently employs approximately 820 people. DuPont maintains rigorous and high-standard management in industrial safety and environmental protection, striving for a record of zero accidents. The Guanyin Titanium Dioxide Plant has been honored three times with the Environmental Protection Award by the Environmental Protection Administration.

DuPont has been growing together with Taiwan's economy and has long been committed to sustainable business practices. It has become a genuine local enterprise. In addition to continuously introducing various technologies and high-quality products in the fields of bioscience, materials science, and information science, DuPont actively collaborates with domestic companies to develop domestic and international markets and move towards knowledge-intensive industries.



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