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Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd.

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Reliability, Integrity and Customers First

TONG HSING ELECTRONIC IND., LTD. was established in 1974 in Yingge, New Taipei City, Taiwan. With its expertise in the development and production of thick film substrates and customized semiconductor micro-module packaging, TONG HSING ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES, LTD. is dedicated to research and development, process optimization and the provision of customer satisfaction.

TONG HSING ELECTRONIC IND., LTD.'s packaging services and substrate manufacturing technologies are now widely used in the applications of wireless communications, MEMS, image sensors, optoelectronic semiconductor components, LEDs, solar cells, automotive electronics, computer peripheral components, medical and networking equipment. In addition, TONG HSING ELECTRONIC IND., LTD. provides wafer probing, backgrinding, wafer reconstruction, assembly, automated inspection and finished module testing services for image sensor, MEMS and biomedical inspection products.

Our corporate philosophy is to build win-win relationships with our customers and suppliers. In recent years, we have actively grown and expanded our services and competitiveness to provide quality service products and become a solid partner for our customers.




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