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Max Echo Technology Corp.

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Max Echo Technology Corp. is a professional manufacturer of multilayer chip inductors. With continuous efforts from its technical team in research and development, the company constantly introduces high-end and new products to meet customer demands. It prides itself on being a specialist in multilayer chip inductors. The production facility is located at No. 15, Jingke East Road, Wenshan Village, Nantun District, Taichung City. The main products manufactured include SMD multilayer chip beads, SMD high-current multilayer chip beads, SMD multilayer chip inductors, SMD high-frequency chip inductors, SMD choke coils, common mode chokes, SMD LC filters, ferrites, and NFC components.

Quality Assurance System and Policy:

1. The company has obtained IATF16949 certification through UL assessment and is committed to continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.

2. The quality policy of the company is to implement management, pursue excellence, strive for perfection, and serve customers.

3. The company's quality system adheres to the strict standards and specifications of IATF16949.



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