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Chung Yo Materials Co., Ltd.

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The new Material Division of Chia-Yi Steel was the predecessor of “Chung-Yo”, it was founded in 2015.  In order to expand the 3D printing and special alloy powder business, Chia-Yi Steel Group established the subsidiary company “Chung-Yo Materials” in August 2018.

Chung Yo Materials is the first 3D printing metal powder manufacturer in Taiwan, as well as the only manufacturer that can provide customized atomization alloy powders.  The core technology enables us to provide reliable and high-quality powders to our customers, which is applied to several industries, such as molding choke, target, hot/cold spray, medical as well as aerospace.

If you're looking for a reliable and pure spherical metal powders, then Chung Yo is the right choice.




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