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J.Yan Technology Co., Ltd.

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() 九彥科技股份有限公司

()  J.Yan Technology Co., Ltd.




J.Yan Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in May, 2006.

Address:No.503, Chung Hsing Rd., Min Chang Li, Tounan Town, Yunlin County 630, Taiwan R.O.C



PackageMaterials for passive and other electronics components



1. ODM for Cutting, Slitting and Rolling.

Product type:  Plastics, PET, Paper, Chip Carrier Tape, Top/Bottom Cover tape, PS/PP embossed carrier tape and special material such as aluminum foil, specimen.

Yan can fulfill with customer different needs for requested size in slitting, rolling.

2. Electronics Packing Material.

Please look into the web site which we have provided the various product. Moreover, we also can provide the service for outsourcing the other material, equipment by customer enquiry.

Yan has transformedfrom the OEM to ODM, able to fulfill with customer needs. To save the customer for the sourcing cost, the time. Moreover to fulfill the customer quality requested.

3. Rolling, Punching Equipment Selling

We also have developed its own rolling and punching machines, which need for the packing. If there is any needs for the packing equipment please contact with us.


Purpose for the Establishment

Do everything is the heart of careful, patient, and grateful.

To serve the customer byenthusiasm, innovation and customer satisfaction as a goal.

The company is developing towards all-round and sustainable development.


Business Philosophy

Adhering to the principle of good faith and reciprocity, we are dedicated to treating each customer and supplier.

Provide the suitable price and stable quality product to customers.




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