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Leatec Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 and is the only professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in chip-type alumina precision ceramic substrates. With core technology in precision ceramic flat panel processing, the company has upheld a commitment to professional expertise and service. Over the years, Leatec has continuously grown and developed, introducing high-voltage resistance substrates, variable resistance substrates, resistor network substrates, chip resistor substrates, and chip resistor network substrates. In recent years, they have also expanded into the production of LED packaging substrates, Hybrid IC substrates, and automotive electronic substrates for sensor applications. With a quality policy of "pursuing overall management, improving quality, achieving customer satisfaction, and fostering cooperative growth," Leatec continues to strive for improvement and enhancement. The rise of Leatec has opened a new era for the precision ceramic substrate industry in Taiwan, breaking free from the dependence on Japanese-controlled material sources and prices that other domestic resistor manufacturers have faced.

With excellent quality, fast delivery and service, and competitive prices, Leatec has gained recognition in the electronic component industry. With the high expectations and aspirations from various sectors, Leatec is actively collaborating with domestic and international customers to jointly develop new products. They aim to make innovative and outstanding contributions in the global ceramic materials field and establish a good model for the ceramic materials industry in Taiwan.

Recognizing the potential for green energy economic development, in addition to entering the application field of LED ceramic packaging substrates, Leatec has actively ventured into the solar photovoltaic product market. In recent years, their sales and growth in solar photovoltaic components such as connectors and junction boxes have been rapid. This further expands their development and contribution to key components for high-efficiency outdoor lighting sources. Leatec will continue to seize opportunities in green energy development and actively contribute to Taiwan's green energy progress.






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