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Ample Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Ample Electronic Technology was established in June 2007. Armed with an exceptional management team and advanced production technologies, ample now manufactures high-quality thick-film conductive materials and focuses on their production and selling. ample never stops experimenting with new technologies and improving its manufacturing processes. ample also keeps fostering more reasonable management strategies to strive in a technology industry that is fast-changing and competitive.

Ever since its establishment, ample has been committed to the quality of its products and the sophistication of its manufacturing processes. Here at ample, we upheld the idea of “professional services, innovative R&D, and honest practices.” As for the company’s operation, we stick to the three enhancements, which are “the enhancement of technology, the enhancement of productivity, and the enhancement of marketing” to meet our clientele’s diverse demands. At the early stage, ample has successfully developed a conductive paste that can be used in passive elements and received a robust market share ever since. Ample’s R&D in conductive pastes that can be used in IC packaging, touch screens, crystalline silicon solar cells have also contributed to the industry.      

Along the way, ample has always adhered to our core values of “services, honesty, innovation, and cooperation,” doing everything we can to meet our clients’ demands and roll out different conductive pastes. We provide our clients with reasonable prices, quality products, and excellent services. We also foster a bilateral tie with our clientele because we know that our success is built on our customers’ success.



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