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Yung Yuan Technology Materials Corp.

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Yung Yuan Chemical Material Co., Ltd. is the earliest established sludge recycling plant under Yung Yuan Group subsidiary, is the first government-approved waste copper sludge recycling plant.

Holding the belief of being friendly to the environment, Yong Yuan has invested in the recycling and treatment of heavy metal sludge and waste solvents since 2000, especially turning copper sludge into copper oxide ore, which has become an excellent mineral source for foreign copper smelters, and established a "full recovery, zero waste, zero pollution, reuse" mode.

Currently, it is the most advanced and largest waste copper sludge treatment plant in Taiwan. It can treat more than one-third of Taiwan's total capacity of waste copper sludge and serve more than 300 enterprises.

In the future, We will expand our business to automotive battery, hazardous waste plastic, rare metal, renewable energy and other fields, and practice the sustainable development concept of "environmental protection, resource regeneration, and circular economy".



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