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Powermax Hi-Tech Corporation, established in 2011, relies on a strong R&D technical team that combines innovative key material technologies from Taiwan, the United States, and Japan, as well as extensive material application experience. Adhering to the quality policy of "creating excellent products and providing the best service to meet customer needs," the company is dedicated to the research, manufacturing, and sales of conductive and insulating adhesive materials. We integrate materials and technologies required for various high-temperature sintering and low-temperature curing processes, leading the market and being the best choice for global customers.

Powermax Hi-Tech's professional technical team addresses the interface issues of materials and applications in various process industries, providing customers with comprehensive solutions (total solution) for materials (including high-temperature and low-temperature series) in a one-stop manner. More importantly, Powermax Hi-Tech possesses years of professional material technology knowledge, rich practical applications, and manufacturing experience. Through collaboration among different technical teams, we create the most ideal quality and methods. We continuously update and develop techniques and equipment, maintain a good reputation, offer competitive prices, and receive recognition from various sectors.

With the guiding principles of professional technology, innovation, quality, cooperation, and enthusiasm, Powermax Hi-Tech has established a good reputation over the years through collaborative partnerships with customers. We are grateful for the enthusiastic support and word-of-mouth referrals from our customers and will continue to serve you with dedication. We are here to assist you with any inquiries or questions you may have. Feel free to contact us!





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