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Advanced Electronic Materials Inc

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Advanced Electronic Materials Inc. was established in 1993 and is a company specialized in the research and production of electronic-grade conductive and insulating inks. The company has set up a professional research and development center in the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park and has recruited a strong R&D team. They can quickly develop customized products that meet customer needs and have successfully entered the supply chains of international major manufacturers. Their customers include key clients such as Apple, TPK, keyboard manufacturers, touch electronic customers, and passive component customers.

Currently, their product lineup includes hydrophilic screen-printing conductive inks used in the cold light industry, sintered silver paste used in filters and GPS devices, G2 protective inks and thin film key switches used in passive components, computer keyboards, touchscreens, and blood glucose test strips, as well as conductive and insulating inks used in various electronic industries. These products can be customized according to the strict standards and different processes of manufacturers, ensuring compliance with environmental requirements and meeting market needs.

In recent years, the company has made great efforts in social welfare and promoting green energy. They have installed solar power generation on the company's roof, converting sunlight into electricity to provide power for the factory. This not only maximizes the use of energy but also avoids pollution emissions and environmental damage. Additionally, they have extended their commitment to the circular economy by combining silver powder, originally used in the production of 3C products, with the principle of silver ion antibacterial properties to develop silver ion antibacterial agents. These agents are donated to hospitals, academic institutions, nursing centers, and emergency response teams, demonstrating their dedication to public welfare and giving back to society.



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