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Han Tai Technology, established nearly forty years ago, specializes in advanced thermal spray technology. With automated and semi-automated production techniques and high-quality mechanical processing, it has made significant contributions to industries such as steel, petrochemicals, energy, green energy, paper, textiles, passive components, and automotive. In 2005, the company established a research and development department, which consists of a strong R&D team and advanced instruments. They have developed high-performance and diverse surface-modified coatings, collaborated and exchanged technology with TOCALO, a leading thermal spray manufacturer in Japan, and engaged in long-term research and development with government and academic institutions.

Han Tai Technology's business services include:

  1. Regeneration and manufacturing of various components with properties such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance.
  2. Hardfacing, powder overlay welding, wire arc spraying, and plasma powder surfacing welding.
  3. High-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spraying and plasma spraying (PLASMA).
  4. Thermal spraying, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant design, and precision machining of equipment components.
  5. Research and development of precision bonding techniques such as anti-sticking and vacuum brazing.
  6. Laser repair technology.

Han Tai's surface treatment achievements in the production equipment for MLCC/LTCC passive components include:

  1. Mesh: production and thermal spraying of new products.
  2. Tray: production and thermal spraying of new products.
  3. SiC Plate: ceramic thermal spraying.
  4. High-Temperature Saggar: development and thermal spraying of various sizes.
  5. Collaboration and development of surface treatment for other equipment components.




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