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About Chamhold Technology Co., Ltd.:

With a comprehensive production operation advantage in familiarizing with the electronic product design and development process, factory production management, and process improvement technology, as well as flexible application of mechanical/electrical hardware technology, Chamhold Technology focuses on innovative technology development in industrial control software. It aims to solve customer application needs, achieve production automation and unmanned operations, and meet the intelligent requirements of various industries.

Company Vision:

Integrating innovative and forward-looking technologies from the academic community, Chamhold Technology strives for continuous technological breakthroughs and innovation to become a leading company in AOI inspection, automation system integration, and Industry 4.0 machine-to-machine communication.

Product Services:

AOI Vision Inspection Equipment: Developing image processing algorithms to solve various application needs raised by customers, utilizing AI artificial intelligence for deep learning.

Industry 4.0: Customized establishment of machine-to-machine communication systems, designing industrial control software, and implementing mobile management systems.

Automation System Integration, Customized Equipment: Precision electronic product and component electrical measurement systems, capacitance/resistance characteristic measurement, multi-channel voltage/current measurement.

Sales of Consumables and Instruments: UV/thermal release tapes, semiconductor DISCO cutting machine tools, switchable DC power supplies for electroplating, precision measurement instruments.




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