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Since Hioki’s founding in 1935, we have developed, manufactured, sold, and serviced electrical measuring instruments in order to contribute to the development of both customers’ businesses and society with electrical measurement solutions. Our philosophy is founded on two principles: Respect for Humanity and Contribution to Society. Going forward, we will continue to operate our businesses in a spirit of honesty and sincerity so that we can live up to those principles.

Hioki built Hioki Forest Hills in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, and relocated its Head Office there in 1990. It’s said that “business is people,” and that’s why Hioki located its campus in a rich, natural setting that would foster free thinking and the accumulation of wisdom and in doing so provide a foundation for products and services that make a contribution to society. Ahead of the move, all of Hioki’s employees joined together to plant some 40 species of indigenous trees, and those seedlings grew into today’s expansive forest. Hioki also opened its social welfare facilities, which accommodate events such as sports to cultivate sound body and mind, to members of the local community so that the site would facilitate the development of children with a promising future.

Hioki Forest Hills has evolved with the times to fuel growth in the company's businesses, adding the Solution Factory in 2006, the Health & Fitness Center in 2013, the Innovation Center in 2015, and Hioki Lodge No. 2 in 2017. Here at Forest Hills we continue to develop close relationships with customers as we refine a three-in-one approach that integrates manufacturing, sales, and service. Our proposal-based style of doing business seeks to resolve problems and issues together with customers. Thanks to the support of stakeholders over the years, we now operate 10 branches and two offices in Japan, as well as eight sales companies and three satellite offices in major countries worldwide, allowing us to supply products to a global customer base.

Today, we're in the midst of a revolution spurred by digital technology. We're also seeing a revolutionary shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the drive to realize a sustainable society. Our mission at Hioki is to contribute to society’s peace of mind and development by promoting safe, effective use of energy through electrical measurement. The electrical measurement solutions that we provide underpin these revolutions. I look forward to your continued support and encouragement going forward.





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