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Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd.

Recognizing the development potential of the Asian market and the importance of Taiwan in the field of wireless communications, Rohde & Schwarz established its Taiwan branch, Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd., in July 2003. Leveraging the advantages of the Taiwan region, we aim to establish closer connections with our Asian locations and introduce the latest German technology to all Rohde & Schwarz users, building a comprehensive technical service network in Asia.

Quality, efficiency, and safety are the requirements Rohde & Schwarz holds for its products, while professionalism, technical expertise, and innovation are the goals for all employees. In addition to embracing the principles of the headquarters, Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd. strives to establish a professional consultancy-based technical marketing approach. We not only offer products and services as listed in our catalog but also actively provide customers with professional consultation. We treat our customers as partners and maintain a cooperative relationship by clearly understanding their needs and consistently finding the best solutions, which is our unwavering principle.

In order to provide customers with a more direct sales network and product services, Rohde & Schwarz expanded its service centers to Kaohsiung in July 2005. This expansion aims to provide faster and more comprehensive technical consultation and professional services to customers in the central and southern regions. Currently, Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd. has a complete service team that encompasses functions such as business, marketing, finance, product repair, calibration experiments, technical support, and business administration. The collaboration within the team and real-time communication ensure the highest quality service for our customers.

Professional Technical Education and Training

To promote industry-academic cooperation, Rohde & Schwarz has arranged product education and training courses. Through regular product education and hands-on instrument operation courses, we aim to get closer to our customers, allowing them to fully access professional technical exchanges and product consultation services. Additionally, we organize technical application seminars periodically, providing the latest market information and technical solutions that meet your needs, enabling you to grasp future development trends and opportunities.

Repair and Calibration Services

To serve our extensive global supporters, Rohde & Schwarz has equipped its repair and calibration service center in Memmingen, Germany, with an advanced automated calibration system called UCS (Universal Calibration System). This system provides repair diagnostics and calibration adjustment services for Rohde & Schwarz products. The Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd. instrument repair and calibration center is also equipped with the same system, providing customers with optimized maintenance, testing, and calibration services under the policy of "professional technical expertise and comprehensive service." Through the automated system calibration, instrument equipment can optimize its precision, leading to better measurement results. Moreover, the Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan Ltd. instrument repair and calibration center has obtained ISO 9001 certification for international quality standards. Its calibration laboratory also complies with ISO 17025 and has passed the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) certification system. Additionally, it is recognized as a First Line Service Center in the global service system evaluation conducted by the headquarters each year.



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