Creating Nano Technologies, Inc.

Creating Nano Technologies, Inc.

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The research and development team of Creating Nano Technologies, Inc. has over a decade of experience in the field of plasma technology and holds a leading position in the domestic development of plasma technology. It is currently the largest manufacturer of atmospheric pressure plasma equipment in the country. The stability and reliability of its products have gained recognition from major domestic panel manufacturers, who have extensively adopted them to effectively improve panel production yield and reliability.

The company possesses world-class expertise in plasma and coating technologies and specializes in the research and development of processes and equipment for IC, optoelectronics, and communication. Their customer base is focused on industries such as optoelectronics (LCD displays, OLED), semiconductors (IC, electronic packaging), printed circuit boards, precision machinery (molds, tool coatings), fiber optics communication, MEMS, and other industries, providing key technologies for the rapidly growing electronic information industry.

To achieve technological leadership and sustainable operation, they continuously invest in research and development to enhance product performance. In order to enhance our domestic research and development capabilities and competitiveness, they actively collaborate with domestic academic research institutions to commercialize research results that have practical applications.



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