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Establishment and Business Philosophy Explanation

Unireal aim to create a platform that bridges the gap between manufacturers and customer needs. Whether you are looking to "source products" or "sell merchandise," you can find the perfect products or sales channels through Unireal. We also provide "project planning" services, assisting businesses in designing production lines to meet their required manufacturing processes.
Import and export of high-quality equipment and raw materials.
Assisting clients in enhancing product quality and profitability.
Collaborating on production line planning.
Meeting current and future customer needs.

Battery Materials
1. Drying Equipment: Replace sintering furnace to reduce moisture content.
2. Mixing and Drying: Uniformly mix different powdered substances.
3. Moisture content should be reduced to below 450 ppm.

Environmental Protection
1. Various drying devices
2. High-performance heat-blocking paper
3. Chitosan water purifier
4. Chitosan deodorant

Chemical Materials
1. Drying Equipment: Reduce material moisture content.
2. Wet High-Pressure Micronization Device: Disperse agglomerated nano-particles and achieve uniformity.
3. Utilized for separation or purification of specific proteins.





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