Chief Up International Corp.

Chief Up International Corp.

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CHIEF UP INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION has been established for over 35 years and is a global supplier of advanced electronic ceramic materials and related equipment for the manufacturing of chip electronic ceramic capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

Main business:

  • Materials: PET release film, conductive adhesive (Ag/Pd, Ag, Ni, Cu), ceramic BT, formulated powders, cutting blades, setter, embossed carrier tape, thermal release film
  • Equipment: Nano bead mill, high-pressure homogenizer, coating machine, fully automatic printing and stacking machine, water leveling press, cutting machine, high-temperature dewaxing and sintering furnace, silver and copper end furnaces

CHIEF UP INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading provider of high-pressure homogenization and dispersion solutions. We have a complete laboratory with a nano bead mill and high-pressure homogenizer. If you have any testing needs, please feel free to contact us to arrange testing!



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